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Frequently Asked Questions about Colonic Irrigation

Different clinics and practitioners work in different ways; the following information is about how Cathy Miller works with her clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on Naturopathic principles of supporting the body to heal itself. We aim to provide the highest standards of care therefore we hold longer than average appointments which allow us to explore your diet, state of health, lifestyle and goals. We also have plenty of time to tailor the actual treatment to the individual and make it a comfortable and relaxing experience. We can provide advice and motivation where appropriate on how to adapt diet and lifestyle as well as information on nutritional supplements and other complementary therapies to support your treatment plan.

Do I need to prepare for my treatment?

There are several things you can do to have a more comfortable and rewarding treatment. Firstly, it is important to bring details of any medicines or supplements you are taking. Allow 2 hours to digest your last meal before your appointment as you will be having massage on your abdomen during treatment. It is helpful if you can keep an eye on your fluid intake and ensure you are drinking around 2 litres of water (you can also include cordial, smoothies, vegetable juices – except tomato – and herbal tea in this allowance). If you can also focus on having plenty of fruit and vegetables and cutting back on wheat products such as bread, cereal, pasta, cake etc. you will have a more effective treatment.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Most people feel physically lighter and refreshed with greater mental clarity and a sense of wellbeing. Many people feel an improvement in symptoms such as bloating, tiredness, indigestion etc. and feel their abdomen is more comfortable. Some people feel relieved and can sleep better thanks to the detoxifying effects of the treatment. There won’t be any problem with urgency or diarrhoea afterwards as your bowels will be cleared out and able to resume a more normal function. After your first treatment you can resume your normal activities or allow yourself time to relax. You should plan for your next meal to be nourishing and light (such as soup, salad, veggies, chicken, fish, fruit etc.) rather than heavy or rich as you will still be detoxing. A detailed aftercare advice sheet will be provided.

What is Colonic Irrigation?

Colonic irrigation is also known as Colonic Hydrotherapy or Colonics for short. It is a safe, effective treatment for removing waste, gas and toxins from the large intestine and improving health. It can also be used to analyse your digestive health and give clues as to the root cause of common digestive problems. Basically – ‘a good spring clean and MOT’.

Is it a safe treatment for anyone to have?

Before your appointment is scheduled you will be asked if you have a medical history of any serious health problems or have been on medicines. If you are currently pregnant, have some serious diseases or have been taking a long course of oral steroids the treatment may not be suitable. We would be careful not to treat anyone who is not fit as that would be unethical, and possibly harmful, as well as being against the terms of insurance and membership of the professional body.

How do I know my therapist is properly trained?

Cathy Miller has worked in a variety of health care settings, as a Nurse and was a member of the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH). This professional body ensures their members adhere to a code of conduct and carries out routine inspections of premises to ensure good hygiene standards. Cathy’s medical knowledge and training is complemented by her Certificate in Counselling tramadol paracetamol generic name Skills and she has also trained in Homeopathy at The Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

How much does Colonic Irrigation cost?

We charge £90 for a new client appointment and £80 for a follow-up appointment. If you’d like to make a booking, you can do so on the Services & Treatments page.

What will happen at my first appointment?

You will need to allow 75 minutes as we will start with a questionnaire where we will find out about your diet, health and lifestyle as well as your goals for treatment. You will then be shown the equipment and have the procedure explained before being asked to sign a consent form. The hydrotherapy treatment takes around 45 minutes.

Is the treatment painful?

At all times your wishes, modesty and comfort are respected. At first, some people may find it a little uncomfortable having the tube inserted or the feeling of fullness in the abdomen which is created by the water but the treatment will not be painful. Most people describe it as feeling ‘unusual sensations’. Your comfort is our priority so we will check all feedback to tailor the treatment to suit you.

How many treatments will I need?

Some people require a course of colonics in order to achieve their goal. It is best to come along for a consultation and treatment where a more individually tailored treatment programme will be made to suit your individual needs and history. Clients come with a wide variety of health states and goals so the course of treatment needs to be tailored to suit each person. Also, some people respond very quickly or are more motivated than others and participate in the treatment by adjusting their diet and lifestyle. On average a course of 3-6 treatments is taken over a time span of 3 weeks to 8 months.

Who comes for colonics?

An extensive range of people use colonics to improve their health. The age range of clients goes from 19 to 70 and is about 40% males to 60% females. I have athletes, models and celebrity clients who are working with a nutritionist on an ongoing basis and want to maintain peak health and fitness or receive an extra boost before a special event. I also have clients who are in poor health and have been suffering from long-term health problems such as severe constipation, underactive thyroid, candida, IBS, depression, skin problems….the list goes on. Since Dr Gillian McKeith’s television programme ‘You are what you eat’, many people have started to use colonics to jumpstart a healthy eating programme or to help them design an individualised detox programme. Colonic Hydrotherapy is very versatile and provides a ‘spring clean’ and digestive ‘MOT’ which could benefit most people as many of us are eating a diet which is high in processed foods and living a busy lifestyle where we take our health for granted rather than investing in it.

Hygiene – why use disposable equipment?

There are frequent health scares in the media where patients have to be given screening and counselling after incorrectly sterilised equipment has been used to perform procedures such as smear tests, endoscopies and dentistry. Cathy is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards, and so only all disposable equipment is used. You are treated using a freshly opened pack of tubes and speculum which come from a reputable company who produce medical supplies (‘Habermann’ – A certificate of authenticity for the equipment is available upon request). In addition, her background and training in nursing required the study and demonstration of up to date infection control and hygiene practices.

Is it OK if I have my period?

It is not a problem to have colonics while you have your period unless you have very bad cramps and heavy bleeding. This may make it uncomfortable to have the treatment. Some clients use a tampon if they are having a heavy period on the day of treatment.

If there are any other questions that are not covered here please discuss them with me at your appointment or send me an e-mail

Currently Undergoing Treatment

I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and will therefore not be able to undertake any treatments for the next few weeks.

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